Sunday, May 5, 2013

Thomas Kerigan's nautical astronomy

I think what we have is volume I of this book:

The complete mathematical and general navigation tables, including every table necessary to be used with the nautical almanac in finding the latitude and longitude ... plane and spherical trigonometry, navigation, nautical astronomy
.. Vol.1 / by Thomas Kerigan.-- London : Baldwin and Cradock, Parbury, Allen, and Co. and J.W. Norie, 1828.-- xxxvi, 720 p. : 1 ill. ; 25cm

The spine is almost unreadable, but seems to say, simply: "Nautical Astronomy: vol I"

Contents are navigation tables with explanatory materials and a long preface, so I don't think this can be Kerigan's other 1828 book: The Young Navigator's Guide to the siderial and planetary parts of Nautical Astronomy ... To which is prefixed the description and use of a new celestial planisphere. / [KERIGAN, Thomas.].-- Second edition, corrected..-- London, 1828.-- 8ยบ

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Dedication by Kerigan on 2nd page